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Frequently Asked Questions

Competitive Intelligence

questionIf I'm ever going to find my niche and differentiate myself from my competition, I need to know more about them. I'm overwhelmed just trying to handle my day-to-day business. How do I find the time to do more?


We can take pressure off you by designing and carrying out the search you need.

Access to Resources

question My company is litigating a trademark dispute. We need copies of our old ads but they are not in our archive. Where do I start looking?


Old magazines can be found in various libraries around the country. We have the skills to locate sources in old magazines and provide copies.

Medical Problems

questionI've just been diagnosed with a rare disease and cannot find any information on line. I'm scared. How do I find out more about it so that I can sleep nights?


We can prepare bibliographies of reliable publications and arrange for loans of copies of relevant material.

Company Information

questionI'm meeting with new prospects, but I know nothing about their business. How do I avoid looking like an idiot?


Start by looking at annual reports and financial reports like Dun & Bradstreet. If you have difficulty finding what you need, we can provide the information you need to look like a genius.

International Expansion

questionMy business is ready to expand into foreign markets. How do I reduce my risks?


We can provide information on government regulations, export requirements and industry trends in foreign markets to make for less stressful decisions.